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    How can we make tourism sustainable?

    Sustainable tourism

    Years ago (a few too many now!) I did a degree in geography. It was one of the things which started off my love of travel – the field trip to Thailand definitely helped – and it was also the first time I’d heard about sustainable tourism. This is the idea that visitors should have as low an impact on a destination as possible, so that in the long term it benefits local people as much as the visitors who get to experience these amazing places around the world. Continue Reading

  • A weekend in Cambridge, England

    A weekend in Cambridge

    After living in Oxford for a few years, I always thought I knew exactly where my loyalties lay – you’d never find me cheering Cambridge in the boat race. But my…

  • Corniglia: The heart of the Cinque Terre
    Travel tales

    Corniglia: Heart of the Cinque Terre

    The Cinque Terre is a bit like a beauty pageant, with one village after another competing to have the most charming backstreets, the cutest pastel buildings and the most Instagrammable views.…

  • My sixth year On the Luce
    Travel tales

    My sixth year On the Luce

    I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but I swear the years are going by faster and faster – didn’t I just publish my five-year anniversary post? But somehow six…

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    Does an InterRail pass save you time and money?

    Although I love a good European rail trip, I’ve never been Interrailing. The post-university right of passage for 20-something Europeans passed me by, but the passes aren’t just for gap-yearers. Their…